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Career History

1993.   Graduate of Josai University.  Organic Chemistry.

1993.   Kojima Chemical Regency Co.,Ltd (Process Engineer)


Details: R&D of Precious Metals, Processing, Recycling and scale up.


R & D Complex, Catalyst, Remedy of Process & scale up of Powder of Precious Metals, Remedy of Process system of Recycling and Refining, Remedy of System for environment of factory works.

2003.    Peccell Technology  Co., LTD. (General Manager) 


Details: Responsible for Company, R&D of key materials and components. Sales & Marketing relating to Flexible DSSC Materials and Equipments.



2008.        Founded MK-Scientific (Managing Director)

2008.        Consulting Contract with Dyesol Ltd. (Public Co)


Details: Source, Supply & Support New Equipments, Materials and Components for global projects.

2009.        Founded Dyesol Japan Co., Ltd  (Director)

Details: Managed Collaborative R&D Project with National Institute for Materials  Science. Managed Japanese Companies and Government relations​. Secured Project Funding from Ministry of Economy Trade &  Industry (Y2.5B)


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